General information:

My study project was supervised at the Institute for Information Technology, Department of Information Logistics, at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. The study project duration was August - October 2004.


Conception and creation of a tool for efficiently transforming binary data into a platform-independent format

Task definition:

Internet domains are being daily reserved for personal or for commercial use. In most of the cases presentation documents (HTML pages, etc.) are assigned to an existing domain. Moreover the authenticity of a website is readily certifiable. Various reasons could require the relocation of a domain with its corresponding data content to another Internet Service Provider. To facilitate such a relocation, all user-specific data must be assembled and forwarded to their author or to the new provider. The data transfer should be ideally possible without manual intervention.

Typical web presentations consist as much of documents in the binary format as well of plain-text files. For a reliable data transfer, the binary data is to be transformed into a platform independent format, like e.g. the format of an e-mail attachment.

The project assignment is aimed at examining the established methods for the conversion of binary data to platform independent formats. A chosen investigated method is to be prototypically implemented with the Java SDK.

(The study project was written in German.)