A friend of mine asked me for a cross-platform, GUI-based tool that would allow to set an URL (such as an Internet or Intranet address) to be opened in a browser at a specified time of day. It is of help when someone wants to assure e.g. that he/she will be reminded to check the business e-mails before leaving off work or will not forget to visit a site to read the latest updates at a particular hour.

In about an hour or two, I have put the tool up (by the way, that was a good opportunity to learn more about Threads) and share it as a JAR file (just 16 KB) with all for whom it can also be of use. The tool should run without problems on all operating systems with an installed and properly configured Java Runtime Environment (preferably Java release versions 1.3 or higher). Related feedback is most welcome.

See screenshot

Download it