The Data Migration Toolkit (DMT) is a GUI-based, pure Java application for exchanging files and/or relational database data between different platforms by
• mapping the content into a transfer-safe, plain text format included in an XML document as well as
• reconstruction of the migrated data from the XML document through converting it back to its primary format, thereby preserving the original file hierarchy.
As it is written entirely in Java, the DMT can be used on all operating systems (including Linux, Macintosh, Solaris, Windows) for which a Java Virtual Machine (preferably Java release version 1.3 or higher) can be installed and configured properly. Migrating database data requires a JDBC driver for the particular database, which in most cases is available for free from the database vendor. Before releasing it in the public domain, the DMT has been successfully used with FirebirdSQL, HSQLDB, MS Access (with the XMLDBMS 2.0 driver), MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL databases.

The DMT version 2 binaries are distributed as a Java Archive (JAR) file, which is quite small in size. If your system does not start the JAR automatically by clicking on it, you can run it from a console or a script with the java -jar -Xbootclasspath/a:$LocationOfJdbcDriverJar$ -Xmx256M -verbose dmt2.jar command. Please read carefully the usage instructions in the DMT GUI window, thank you.



Download DMT

The DMT has been downloaded more than 500 unique times in the year 2009, primarily by Telecom & Networking, IT & Consulting, Financial Service & Insurance, Multimedia companies as well as Academic and Governmental organizations (e.g. downloads vary from the European Medicines Agency to the Japanese Network Information Center to Public Works and Government Services Canada). This is a pleasant event, as there have been no advertising campaigns for the tool.

Platform independent Java tool for migrating files and relational database data utilizing JDBC, SAX, SQL, XML