General information:

My diploma thesis was supervised at the Institute for Information Technology, Department of Information Logistics, at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. The diploma thesis duration was August 2005 - January 2006.


Conception and prototypical implementation of a tool for mapping and reconstruction of files and relational database data utilizing a cross-platform exchange format

Task definition:

The exchange of information is constantly gaining importance in the nowadays computerized life. Thereby aspects as the efficient processing of growing data resources, as well as the optimized information migration in accordance with newer and fast changing technologies and applications play a central role. The increasing number of electronic information sources demands the archiving of constitutive data for an efficient cross-platform migration. The migration of data necessitates the analysis and preparation of data content and structure for storage in an unified format, as well as the reconstruction of data from the archival format to its original state and representation.

Within the scope of this thesis, a data migration tool for processing of data on various platforms should be concepted and prototypically implemented. The design process includes the inspection of data structure and location, the mapping and storage of relevant data segments from file directories and relational databases, as well as the reconstruction of the archived information. The implementation of the tool is to be carried out by means of the Java technology. The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a substantial basis in terms of the format features for the intended data migration.

(The diploma thesis was written in English.)